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December 9, 2020
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The cutting-edge title of the final fable dimensions collection that has done three million downloads worldwide!

a journey that links the beyond to the destiny!

◆◇game creation◇◆
a charming forged of characters of different races and eras.
an exquisite tale that leads you thru the past and future to save the arena.
integrate your strengths to defeat powerful foes in intense battles.
final fantasy dimensions ii is an rpg that brings a brand new legend to the world of ff.

▼a first-rate journey that transcends time and area
our hero morrow and heroine aemo travel thru the prevailing, past, and future and gain allies along the way on their fantastic quest to keep the sector.
▼abilties and summon magic
battle monsters with a easy and strategic lively command gadget!
pick out from skills like magic, skills, and effective summons to war terrifying enemies and emerge positive!
▼crystals that house the power of the eidolons
equip and combat with crystals called signet stones to collect new abilties in your characters.
a lot of those signet stones own the powers of summoned beasts from during the records of the ff series!

the jap continent of ajima and the western continent of westa.
a extremely good disaster resulting from human error destroys the civilization of magic that prospered throughout the historical technology and divides the world into east and west, ushering in an extended period of battle between the two.
a young boy named morrow who lives in navos, a small island on the center of the world, loses himself paying attention to tales of wriegs travels, a westan adventurer.
morrow follows wrieg after he senses some thing strange from an odd capturing megastar and meets a mysterious female from the destiny named aemo.
the world of eidola exists outside the existing, beyond, destiny, and beyond.
say howdy and farewell to friends of different eras in a tale approximately a promise for a better destiny.

■encouraged environment
・supported systems
android os 5. 0 and above

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https://guide. Na. Square-enix. Com/

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http://www. Jp. Rectangular-enix. Com/ffl2/en/



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